Smithfield: Horse Run-In

Horses get cold too.

horses get cold too

A run-in is a structure designed for pastured horses, or other larger livestock to literally “run in” during inclement weather. As a supplement to a barn, these structures provide animal owners freedom and peace of mind. Rather than moving valuable animals in and out of barns, they are free to allow the animals to shelter themselves as the need arises.

We did our best to balance low cost with low maintenance. This 12×24 run-in features Smart-Side paneled siding, corrugated aluminum roofing, 6×6 posts set in concrete, and stud walls 16″ on center rather than the typical 24″ on center construction seen in many of the mass-produced sheds stocked by popular retailers.

Daw and Son is proud to work with Foxtail Farm in Smithfield, Virginia. Their beautiful location in rural Isle of Wight County is perfect for the training and boarding services they offer. We enjoyed the opportunity to work around a fun bunch of horses, many of whom were pretty curious about what we were doing on their farm.

Kiser Run In 2

Corrugated roofing

corrugated roofing

6x6 posts to stand up to "inspection" by 1,000 lb. horses

6×6 posts to stand up to “inspection” by 1,000 lb. horses


Customizing Crown Moulding

Crown moulding itself is a customization, and a great way to add beauty and value to your home. Most of the crown moulding being installed in American homes is the basic Colonial style crown available at Lowes or Home Depot, usually painted a glossy white.

Colonial Crown Sample

What many homeowners and would-be home customizers don’t know is how much additional customization is possible. This is especially true when you are working with a craftsman who is able to gauge your space and your design goals, and then integrate that with two areas of additional customization.

  • The first area where additional customization is possible is crown profiles.

Crown Moulding Profiles

There are hundreds of different profiles available if you are willing to go beyond Lowes or Home Depot to source your crown moulding. Daw and Son Contracting sources from local crown suppliers who make custom crown moulding profiles right here in Hampton Roads.

  • The second area where additional customization is possible is finish.

When customizing crown moulding, there are a broad variety of finishes to consider. Part of determining which type of finish is the appropriate pairing of species (e.g. pine, oak, poplar, cherry) with finish. For example, poplar absorbs stain unevenly, rendering it blotchy and unsightly, so it is not an appropriate species for that type of finish. From stain to paint to polyurethane, the sky is the limit when it comes to finishing crown moulding.

As an example of what customization can look like, a recent crown moulding installation Daw and Son Contracting performed involved selecting a modern cove moulding profile, which was then finished with a stain that gives it a pickled appearance. The top sample is before stain. The bottom sample is after stain.

Whitewashed Crown Contrast

We selected pine for two reasons: it is a relatively inexpensive species of wood, and its dominant grain makes it a great candidate for this type of finish, which would wash out a less “grainy” wood like maple. The home is located near the Virginia Beach oceanfront, so this finish is in keeping with the broader aesthetic of the home and the surrounding area. The feel is casual and subdued, but also reflects this new home’s modern tone.

When people think of crown moulding, they usually think of the typical high-gloss crown moulding we see in most homes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with selecting this type of crown, and we will happily install it for you. It is cost-effective and attractive, and it will add value to your home.

But if you’re looking for something more creative, Daw and Son Contracting has the experience and the design capabilities to take your crown moulding to the next level.

Some Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Home Remodeling Services

Though kitchen remodeling is not something to be worried about all the time during its execution but still there are a few things that need to be taken care of. It doesn’t mean that homeowners execute kitchen remodeling projects carelessly but even the most careful ones commits some mistakes unknowingly. Let’s have a look at those common mistakes.


  • DIY Attempts

A kitchen remodeling project asks for lots of money, time, effort and specialized skill. So, it’s obviously better to leave it to professionals instead of attempting it oneself. Hiring professionals will make provide you peace of mind that everything’s going to be in a perfect order.

  • Selecting Wrong Contractor

Hiring a wrong remodeling contractor is yet another big mistake made by the homeowners. You must choose a perfect service provider after an intense research. Talk to some of your friends who have got such projects conducted in the past and…

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